Alsco Customer WaterStep is Saving Lives with Safe Water

Today, over 660 million people live without safe water. That's one out of ten people on the planet. The problem is huge, but the solutions are simple.

WaterStep provides safe water to communities in developing countries and areas affected by natural disasters by taking on projects themselves and by training others in the affected communities in the disciplines needed to do the work for themselves. As a result, thousands of communities around the world have benefited through their efforts. Using simple tools and effective training, an empowered community can care for its water for years to come. The hope is that one day no person will have to drink unsafe water. Alsco is happy to help WaterStep as they work towards accomplishing this important goal.

Global Impact

More than 2 billion people globally lack access to safe water, and 80 percent of all worldwide diseases are caused by contaminated water. The international safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) crisis is entirely preventable with the right tools and execution. To date, WaterStep has had 5,294 projects in 74 countries that have positively impacted over 12 million people.

Pilot Projects

WaterStep has launched multiple pilot projects for simple water treatment and sanitation systems in high-need institutions such as health centers, hospitals and prisons in Senegal, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya – locations where safe, available water makes a lifesaving difference in public health by reducing preventable diseases and infections. Many of these pilot projects are concluding, and with three to four months of data, the results are groundbreaking for the future of safe water systems. The results of these pilot projects puts WaterStep on the precipice of lasting, transformative change in underserved communities around the world.

About WaterStep

WaterStep is a Louisville-based non-profit that focuses on sustainable solutions to the world’s WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) crisis. Since 1995, WaterStep has developed simple tools and effective training to empower people and communities to address their own water and sanitation needs. We provide solutions for situations where infrastructure is fragile and execution challenges are particularly difficult, especially in slums, rural villages and in communities responding to natural disasters.