MD1XL Air Motor - Explosion Proof

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The Motor MD1xL is suitable for viscous, highly flammable, combustible liquids up to 100,000mPas. With the oil-free, 1000 Watt powerful compressed air motor you can achieve the same flow rate as comparable products with 20 percent less connection pressure and 4 percent less air consumption.

Features & Advantages
High performance and high efficiency due to optimised flow guidance
Very good handling due to low weight
Long service life
Very good starting behaviour
High energy efficiency
Optionally with comfort handle
Explosion-proof Motor according to ATEX guidelines
Oil-free usable
Not continuously adjustable

Technical Data
Compressed air motor
Power: 1000 watt/1.36 HP
Operating Pressure: 87 PSI
Air consumption: 53 CFM


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