B70V-SR Progressive Cavity Pump Tubes

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39 in. Universal Joint Drive Shaft
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39 in. Universal Joint Drive Shaft
39 in. Torsion Drive Shaft
39 in. Universal Joint Drive Shaft (Ex)

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For applications in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries no special shaft joint protection is needed.

Pump Tubes:
Multiple pump tubes with different flow rates and lengths are available for the Lutz B70V-SR. The speed reducer is mounted directly on the pump tube. This reduces the relatively high speeds of the universal or compressed-air motors to a suitable speed for the pump tube of around 690 rpm. Pump tube, drive shaft and eccentric screw are made of Stainless Steel (316 Ti).

Do not run dry or against closed valve.

39.4" or 43.3"

Operating Data:
Quantity: up to 13 GPM
Delivery head: up to 200 FT (87 PSI)
Temperature of medium: up to 284 degrees F
Viscosity: up to 100,000 cps (with MD2xL air motor)

Wetted Parts:
Housing and Rotor: Stainless Steel (316 Ti)
Seals: FPM, FPM (FEP)
Mechanical seal: Carbon/SS, FPM or SiC/SiC, FPM
Packing gland: PTFE soft packing, safe for use with foodstuffs, tungsten carbide, FFPM
Drive shaft: Stainless Steel (316 Ti)
Stator materials: NBR light, FPM, PTFE
Examples of media: Chemical industry: acids, lyes, sludge, viscous pastes, dispersions, adhesives, etc.
Cosmetics industry: creams, soaps, toothpaste, shampoos and raw materials for soaps
Confectionery industry: honey, syrups and preserves
Paint and lacquer factories: paints, lacquers and pastes
Food industry: milk, whey, cheese, spread and ketchup
Mineral oil industry: high-viscosity oils and fluid greases.

Pump tube also available in FDA/PURE version with Tri-Clamp connection. All materials coming into contact with the pumped medium are physiologically safe. These pump tubes are mainly used in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.


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