EchoBeam LR80 Liquid & Solids Level Sensor Transmitter

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EchoBeam® is the most reliable and easy-to-use non-contact level sensor transmitter. Flowline’s 80 GHz radar technology is unaffected by most media, process or environmental factors, and our intuitive LevelTap™ App makes configuration simple.

The LR80 general purpose 80 GHz radar level sensor transmitter provides continuous level measurement up to 32.8’ (10m) for liquids or 16.4’ (5m) for solids with a 4-20 mA signal output. The level sensor transmitter is wirelessly configured over Bluetooth via our LevelTap™ App which enables you to see the level, verify the status, and manage the settings of connected level sensor transmitters from the safety of the ground or nearby catwalk. The level sensor transmitter measures liquid and solids media with a dielectric constant value ≥ 1.6, such as water, chemical or petroleum-based liquids, and pellet, grain, powder or aggregate solids. Select this level sensor transmitter for tank, sump, lift station, weir, canal, reservoir, bin, conveyor or transfer station applications.

  • 80 GHz technology provides reliable, maintenance-free operation
  • Measures level height, air gap, tank volume or open channel flow
  • Rugged PVDF antenna and enclosure for corrosive liquid or solids
  • IP68 rated sensor for harsh outdoor or below grade installations
  • Shielded 10m PVC jacketed cable for corrosive level environments
  • Zero dead band maximizes the potential fill capacity of small tanks
  • Optionally measures through top wall of plastic or fiberglass tanks
  • Bluetooth wireless configuration via the LevelTap™ mobile App
  • Lowest cost radar sensor for your basic level requirements

EchoBeam level and flow applications are extensive, and include a wide range of tanks, sumps, reservoirs, lakes, canals, rivers, silos, bins, stockpiles, weirs and flumes.
  • Tanks: EchoBeam measures tanks of all shapes, sizes and materials from bulk storage to process vessels to wastewater treatment, and everything in between.
  • Sumps: EchoBeam measures below grade sumps or reservoirs, such as sewer or storm lift stations, industrial or commercial sumps and lakes, canals or rivers.
  • Channels: EchoBeam measures open channel flow volumes in standard weir or flume structures in municipal, industrial and agricultural flow applications.
  • Silos: EchoBeam measures pellet, grain, powder and aggregate solids in silos, bins or stockpiles of all types, from tall dusty cement silos to small process bins.

Install Solutions
Flowline offers unique installation solutions such as adhesive fittings for non-invasive measurement on flat tank tops, stainless or capped PTFE adapters in thread to thread or tri-clamp, and stainless brackets for side wall or above tank mounting.


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