Lutz - PVDF Sealless Pump Tubes

Lutz - PVDF Sealless Pump Tubes
Lutz - PVDF Sealless Pump Tubes

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The robust Lutz pump tube with mechanical seal or sealless is suitable for pumping clean and dirty, thin-bodied and slightly viscous, aggressive and non-aggressive liquids out of drums and small or large containers. The pump tube is non-lubricated, thus preventing contamination of the liquids pumped.

Liquid examples:

Highly concentrated acids and alkalis, bromic acid, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, dimethyle phthalate, potassium bromate, hydrofluoric acid, etc.


Suitable for highly corrosive chemicals and neutral liquids in non-explosive areas Optional with electric or air driven motors No grease fillings Optimized drum drainage Modular, service friendly design

Sealing system:

Mechanical seal (MMS) or sealless construction (MSL)

Type of impeller:

Axial-flow rotor (R) for high delivery rate and low delivery head or Radial-flow impeller (L) for low delivery rate and high delivery head.

Immersion length:

MMS/MSL: 27" (700 mm), 39" (1000 mm) and 47" (1200 mm) (Special length on request)
Housing: PVDF PVDF
Seals: FKM -
Mechanical seal: Carbon, SiC, FKM,
HC-4 (2.4610)
Drive shaft: HC-4 (2.4610) optional
Stainless steel (316)
HC-4 (2.4610) optional
Stainless steel (316)
Impeller: ETFE ETFE
Type of impeller: Radial-flow (L)
or Axial-flow (R)
Radial-flow (L)
or Axial-flow (R)
Nominal diameter: 1.61 in
41 mm
1.61 in
41 mm
Temperature of medium: up to 212 °F
up to 100 °C
up to 212 °F
up to 100 °C
Hose connection: 1 1/4" male BSP 1 1/4" male BSP
Length: 27" /39" / 47"
700 / 1000 / 1200 mm
27" / 39" / 47" /
700 / 1000 /1200 mm
Operating data Axial-flow (R) Radial-flow (L)
Delivery rate:* up to 48 GPM
up to 180 l/min
up to 24 GPM
up to 90 l/min
Delivery head:* up to 33 ft.
up to 10 m wc
up to 69 ft.
up to 21 m wc
Viscosity:** up to 850 cps
up to 850 mPas
up to 1100 cps
up to 1100 mPas

* determined with water at 68 °F (20 °C)
** determined with oil

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Part Number No
Trade Name No
Manufacturer Lutz
Tube Material No
Max Pressure No
Max Solids No
Max Temp No
Suction Lift No
Max Flow No
Certifications No
Notice Lutz Pump Tubes Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet
Standards No
Price per No
Sold In No

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